Nineteenth-Century American Children and What They Read

Voices from Nineteenth-Century America

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J. A.

Jacob Abbott

Abby; Abbie

Louisa May Alcott

William A. Alcott

T. B. Aldrich

Stephen T. Allen

John A. Andrews

T. S. Arthur

Aunt Kate

H. E. B.

Anna Bache

M. M. Backus

C. Alice Baker

Julia Pratt Ballard

Charles Barnard

John Russell Bartlett

Henry Ward Beecher

Mattie Bell

Annette Bishop

Mrs. P. P. Bonney

William Oland Bourne

Simon Brown

Lettice Bryan

William Buckland

Emily J. Bugbee

C. C.

F. P. C.

Thomas Campbell

Françoise-René Chateaubriand

Lydia Maria Child

William Hoyt Coleman

Sara Conant

William Cowper

J. T. Crane

Maria S. Cummins

William C. Cutter

M. W. D.

J. C. Derby

Nathaniel Dwight

J. E. E.

Laura Elmer

C. W. Everett

Edgar Fawcett

Julia A. Fletcher

Timothy Flint


Francis Forrester


Mrs. G.

Martha G.

W. L. G.

Caroline Gilman

Charlotte Gilman

Samuel Griswold Goodrich

Jane L. Gray

J. W. Guernsey

E. N. H.

Edward Everett Hale

Sarah Josepha Hale

Mrs. Hall

Motte Hall

Mary Ann Hallock

Gail Hamilton; Abigail Dodge

Mrs. P. A. Hanaford

Mrs. J. H. Hanaford

Catherine Elizabeth Havens

Nathaniel Hawthorne

Felicia Hemans

Caroline M. Hewins

Charles Holden

Winslow Homer

John Dunn Hunter

G. M. J.

James Jackson

Sarah Orne Jewett

Samuel Johnson

Sylvester Judd

Oliver Kendall, jr.

Elizabeth Kilham

Helen C. Knight

M. E. L.

Lucy Larcom

Mrs. Larned

Helen Cowles LeCron


Eliza Leslie

Helen C. Lewis

Lillie Linden


Ser. Longley

Blue-Eyed Lora



L. H. Martin

Mary Ann

Sophie May

Mrs. N. McConaughy

Julia E. McConaughy

Giles M’Quiggen

J. H. Mifflin

Donald G. Mitchell

Augusta Moore

Clement Clarke Moore

Hannah More

James Nack

John Neal

Susanna Newbould

Mary Newell

Adelbert Older

Oliver Onley


F. W. A. P.

P. P.

Francis Parsons

Christie Pearl

A. Perry

Pat Pflieger

Phoebe H. Phelps

Professor Pickaxe

Lavinia Pillsbury


Belle P. R.

Mary Randolph

James Redpath; Uncle James

Abner Reed

Stephens Ricks


S. B. S.

Ezra Sampson


Cousin Sarah

Nathan Sargent

Simon Sassafras

Samuel Scoville, jr.

Catherine Sedgwick

Frances Adeline Seward; Fanny Seward; Pansy

Alfred Sewell

Mary Eulalie Shannon

Lydia H. Sigourney

Mary Alexina Smith

Emily Goodrich Smith

William J. Snelling

Nancy Sprout

Lucy St. John


William Oliver Stevens

R. H. Stoddard

Thrace Talmon

B. B. Thatcher

John Todd

John Townsend Trowbridge

Uncle Jacob


A. D. W.

Lew Wallace

William Ross Wallace

Isaac Watts

Francis Wayland

Louise Bennett Weaver

Noah Webster

Helen C. Weeks

George Whippel

Henry Wightman

Genie M. Wilde

William L. Williams

Sara Payson Willis; Fanny Fern

Ralph Wilson

Samuel Wilson

A. D. Woodbridge

S. B. Woodward

Francis C. Woodworth

Henry C. Wright

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