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1789-1810 1811-1820 1821-1830 1831-1840 1841-1850 1851-1860 1861-1872

American children’s periodicals by special subject, 1789-1872

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published in the Confederate States of America | affected by the Chicago Fire | for young children | literary | not in English | religious | temperance


The Juvenile Magazine (May-June 1811; July-Aug 1813)

Slave’s Friend (April 1835-before April 1839)

Youth’s Cabinet • New-York Teacher’s Lyceum • Woodworth’s Youth’s Cabinet • Woodworth’s Youth’s Cabinet and Uncle Frank’s Dollar Magazine (28 April 1837-March 1857)

The Youth’s Emancipator (May 1842, Aug 1842-Mar 1843)

Juvenile Instructor (1844?-after 1869)

Friend of Youth (Nov 1849-Oct 1852)

Taken from the U. S. mails and destroyed

Slave’s Friend (April 1835-before April 1839) [copies burned in Charleston, South Carolina, 1835; copies destroyed outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1835]

Youth’s Cabinet • New-York Teacher’s Lyceum • Woodworth’s Youth’s Cabinet • Woodworth’s Youth’s Cabinet and Uncle Frank’s Dollar Magazine (28 April 1837-March 1857) [copies burned in Richmond, Virginia, 1838]

Published in the Confederate States of America

The Sunday School Paper for the South (May 1861-April 1862?)

The Portfolio (June-Sept 1861)

The Deaf Mute Casket (1? Oct 1861-1 April 1865)

The Children’s Friend (Richmond, Virginia; Aug 1862-1 Feb 1865, 1866-June 1915)

The Child’s Index • Child’s Delight (Sept 1862-1869)

Children’s Guide (July 1863-Aug 1865)

Child’s Banner (15 Feb 1865-1865)

Affected by the Chicago Fire (8-11 Oct 1871)

The Little Corporal (Nov issue destroyed; put together an 8-page issue to substitute)

Little Bouquet; Little Bouquets; Lyceum Banner; Little Bouquet (recovered)

The Bright Side; Bright Side and Family Circle (recovered)

Young Folks’ Rural (recovered)

The Young Pilot; Young Pilot and Little Men (ended publication)

For young children

The Nursery (Jan 1867-Oct 1880)

The Infants’ Delight • Infants’ Delight (1870-after Dec 1872)


Not in English



Ke Kumu Kamalii (Jan-Dec 1837)

Ke Alaula (April 1866-March 1873)

English & Spanish


Nonsectarian or unidentified

Youth’s Repository of Christian Knowledge (March, Sept 1813)

Youth’s Magazine: or, Evangelical Miscellany (Jan 1818-)

The Sunday Visitant; or, Weekly Repository of Christian Knowledge (3 Jan 1818-25 Dec 1819)

The Guardian, or Youth’s Religious Instructor (Jan 1819-Dec 1824)

The Sunday Scholars’ Magazine; or, Monthly Reward Book (Jan 1821-)

Teacher’s Offering; or Sabbath’s Scholar’s Magazine • Teacher’s Offering; or Sunday Scholar’s Magazine • Youth’s Friend, and Scholar’s Magazine (Nov 1823-1843?)

The Sabbath School Repository and Teacher’s Assistant (Jan-Dec 1823)

Sabbath School Visitant (June 1824-1828)

The Moral and Religious Repository; or Youth’s Christian Monitor • Youth’s Christian Monitor (9 July 1824-)

The Sabbath School Messenger, and Children’s Friend (Oct 1828-Sept 1829?)

The Sabbath School Visitant and Juvenile Magazine • Western Sabbath School Visitant, and Juvenile Magazine (10 Jan-31 Dec 1829)

The Infants’ Magazine (Jan 1829-1842)

The Youth’s Miscellany (Utica, New York; Jan 1830-1839?)

The Juvenile Reformer and Sabbath School Instructor • Journal of Reform (1830-17 May 1837)

Juvenile Gazette (2 July 1831)

Sabbath School Magazine (1832)

The Sabbath School Messenger, and Children’s Friend (1 May 1831-1832?)

Western Sabbath School Repository, and Friend of Youth (1833)

Juvenile Watchman (8 March, 26 April 1833-1835)

The Sabbath School Visiter (1833-Dec 1843)

Western Sabbath School Repository, and Friend of Youth (1833)

The Missionary News (1837-)

Ke Kumu Kamalii (Jan-Dec 1837)

The Missionary (1839)

The Sabbath School Friend (1840?-)

The Sabbath School Monitor • Sunday School Monitor • Light Ship and Sabbath School Monitor (1840-1846 or 1847)

Youth’s Sunday Casket (1842)

The Dayspring • Youth’s Dayspring (Jan 1842-Dec 1855)

Jugend-Zeitung (1843-1845)

Youth’s Penny Gazette • The Youth’s Sunday-School Gazette (also The Youth’s Sunday School Gazette) (11 Jan 1843-1861)

Little Truth-Teller: A New-Church Magazine for Children (1845-1852)

The Child’s Companion and Youth’s Friend (Jan 1845-after 1870)

Young Churchman’s Miscellany (Jan 1846-Dec 1848)

The Child’s Gospel Guide (1847-1849)

Sunday School Gazette • The Dayspring (4 Aug 1849-after Dec 1879)

Union Sunday School Visitor (1850-1853?)

Youth’s Monthly Magazine (July 1850-June 1851?)

Christian Sunday School Journal (1851-)

The Child’s Paper (Jan 1852-1897?)

The Children’s Friend • Friend for Boys and Girls (Dayton, Ohio; 1854-1917)

Sunday-School Banner (Jan 1859-Dec 1861)

Our Paper (1861)

The Sunday School Paper for the South (May 1861-April 1862?)

Child’s World • Youth’s World (1862-after 1884)

Sabbath School Star (Feb 1863-after 1870)

The Young Pilgrim (Sept 1863-after 1925)

The Sunday School Standard (1865?-)

The Young Evangelist (1865-1906?)

Missionary Visitor • Children’s Visitor (1865-1901)

The Little Sower (Jan 1865-after April 1877)

Child’s Banner (15 Feb 1865-1865)

Ke Alaula (April 1866-March 1873)

The Little Gleaner (1868-1869?)

Youth’s Manual • The Weekly Manual • The Youth’s Manual • The Temperance Star • The Youth’s Guide (Jan-26 June, Aug-Dec 1868, Jan-Feb, July-Oct, Dec 1869-Jan, April-12 May 1870)

The Little Watchman (1870-1876)

Loving Words for Children (1871-after 1872)

Little Christian (1871-1904?)

Our Little People (1871-1934)

Morning Light (Jan 1871-after 1876)


Young Israel • Libanon (Jan 1871-1900?)


The Baptist Tract and Youth’s Magazine • Baptist Tract Magazine (1827-Dec 1835)

Youth’s Family Instructor and Sunday School Visitor • Youth’s Family Instructor (7 Jan 1841-after May 1842)

The Sabbath School Repository (1841)

Youth’s Companion (Columbus, GA; 1843)

The Young Reaper (Jan 1844-1856)

The Children’s Book of Choice and Entertaining Reading for the Little Folks at Home (also, The Children’s Monthly Book) (Jan 1855-April 1860)

The Young Reaper (Jan 1857-1908?)

Children’s Friend (Nashville, Tennessee; 1859-1873?)

The Child’s Index • Child’s Delight (Sept 1862-1869)

Kind Words for the Sunday School Children (Jan 1866-29 Sept 1929)

Children of the West (1868-1869)

Seventh-Day Baptist

The Sabbath School Gem (1863-1864, 1869-1873)


The Youth’s Friend (El amigo de la juventud) (1825)

Expostulator, or Young Catholic’s Guide (31 March 1830-23 March 1831)

The Children’s Catholic Magazine (March 1838-Feb 1840)

The Young Catholics’ Friend (also, Young Catholic’s Friend) (6 May 1840-after 26 Dec 1840)

Young Catholic’s Magazine (Dec 1841-1842?)

Boys’ and Girls’ Weekly Catholic Magazine • Boys’ and Girls’ Catholic Magazine • Catholic Weekly Instructor
• Weekly Catholic Instructor
(6 June 1846-1851)

The Catholic Youth’s Magazine (Sept 1857-Aug 1861)

Young Catholic’s Friend (1865-1880?)

Spare Hours (Jan-Dec 1866)

Guardian Angel (1867-after 1884)

The Young Catholic’s Guide (May 1867-April 1870)

The Sunday School Messenger (Chicago, Illinois; 1868-after June 1875)

Sunday School Companion (Jan 1869-1904)

The Young Crusader • Young Crusader (Jan 1869-Oct 1875?)

The Young Catholic (Oct 1870-after 1872)

The Little Schoolmate (Dec 1870-Jan 1876; May 1876)

Der Schutzengel (1872-1875?)

Church of God

Sunday School Gem (Jan 1867-after 1914)

Church of the Brethren

The Pious Youth (Jan 1870-Dec 1871)

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Zion’s Hope (1869-1972)


General Church of the New Jerusalem; Swedenborgian

New Church Magazine for American Children • The Children’s New-Church Magazine (Jan 1843-1891?)

Die Taube (1859-1862)

Kinderzeitung (15 April 1859-15 March 1862)

Monthly Voice (Jan 1862-August 1863, Dec 1863-Jan 1864, April 1864)

Der Kinder-Bote (1871-?)


Der Christliche Kinderzeitung • Christliche Kinderfreund (Cleveland, Ohio; June 1856-after 1879)

Sunday School Messenger (Cleveland, Ohio; June 1864-29 June 1947)

German Evangelical Synod of North America

Die Christliche Kinderzeitung (St. Louis, MO; 1867-1885?)

German Reformed Church



Youth’s Instructer and Guardian • Youth’s Instructer and Sabbath School and Bible Class Assistant (1823-1832)

Sabbath School Messenger (June 1837-16 April 1846)

Youth’s Magazine: A Monthly Miscellany (New York, New York; May 1838-April 1841)

Sunday School Advocate • Sabbath School Advocate (5 Oct 1841-31 Dec 1921)

The Encourager (Dec 1844-1847?)

Youth’s Monitor (1851-after 1854)

Children’s Banner (1857-after 1885)

Children’s Guide (July 1863-Aug 1865)

Picture Lesson Paper • The Picture Story Paper (Jan 1870-1941)

Der Kinderfreund (1872-1874?)

German Methodist Church

Wesleyan Methodist

The Juvenile Wesleyan (1843-1852?)

Methodist Episcopal

The Child’s Magazine (July 1827-1844)

Sunday School Magazine (1835-1851)

The Sunday-Scholar’s Mirror (1847-1850)

Sunday School Visitor • The Children’s Visitor • The Visitor (Nov 1850-Dec 1854, May 1855-Mr 1862, 1866-after 1921)

Golden Hours (Jan 1869-1880)

The Sunday-School Magazine • Church School Magazine (Jan 1871-Dec 1931)

Protestant Episcopal

The Standard-Bearer (1851-after 1867)

The Young Christian Soldier (1858-1881?)


The Little Missionary (Dec 1870-1920)


The Juvenile Missionary Intelligencer (March 1835-Feb 1838)

Sabbath School Visitor • Presbyterian Sabbath School Visitor (1 Jan 1851-26 Sept 1909)

Youth’s Evangelist • The Youth’s Evangelist (Jan 1859-1930?)

The Children’s Friend (Richmond, Virginia; Aug 1862-1 Feb 1865, 1866-June 1915)

Seventh-Day Adventist

Children’s Advent Herald • Youth’s Guide (May 1846-1860?)

The Children’s Friend (April 1851-1853)

Youth’s Instructor • Insight (Rochester, New York; Battle Creek, MI; Aug 1852-present?)

Society of Friends (Quaker)

The Young Spectator (15 Third month [March]-24 Fifth month [May] 1856)

Youth’s Gazette (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; 10 Twelfth month [Dec] 1859-23 Third month [March] 1861)

The Children’s Friend (West Chester, Pennsylvania; Fifth month [May] 1866-Twelfth month [Dec] 1887)

Scattered Seeds (Fifth month [May] 1869-1935)


United Brethren in Christ

Der Jugend-Pilger (1870-1914?)

The Children’s Paper (Jan 1871-after 1873)


The Child’s Universalist Gazette, and Monthly Visiter • The Child’s Gazette (12 July 1834, Jan 1835)

Sabbath School Contributor • Light of Zion, and Sabbath School Contributor (6 June 1839-22 June 1843)

The Eastern Rose-Bud • Eastern Rose-Bud and Sabbath School Companion (6 March 1841-22 April 1843)

Youth’s Guide and Star (Jan-July 1843)

Uncle Ezekiel’s Youth’s Cabinet (May 1844-15 March 1846?)

The Youth’s Friend • Youth’s Monthly Friend (also Monthly Youth’s Friend) (Cincinnati, Ohio; 6 March 1846-1860)

The Child’s Gospel Guide (1847-1849)

Youth’s Monthly Magazine (July 1850-June 1851?)

The Young Christian (Jan 1851-1859)

The Myrtle (Boston, Massachusetts; 2 Aug 1851-1918)

The Guiding Star: A Sunday Paper for Boys and Girls (4 July 1868-1873)