The answer to a “Hieroglyphical Letter to the Editor” by Susanna Newbould, published in Woodworth’s Youth’s Cabinet.
Rebus 1

My [DEER] [MISS]ter Editor,

It is past [10] P.M.; [BUTT] [EYE] do not [INN][TEN]d to go to [BED] until [EYE] have answered your po[LIGHT] [QUESTION] touching my whereabouts.

[HAND] [I AM] my dear Sir, ready [TWO] do anything [FOUR] [YOU] [INN] my power. [EYE] o[MITT]ted sending [YOU] more conun[DRUMS], puzzles, &c.; feeling sure that [EWER] pigeon-hole [FOUR] rejected ad[DRESSES] must [BE] suf[FISH]ently

Rebus 2

full [AWL]ready of my un[FOUR]tun[EIGHT] [EF][FORTS] to please. [EYE] do [KNOT] [SEE] [WHY] [YOU] should [AWL]ways puzzle others and never [BE] perplexed yourself. So [YOU] will [EX][QS] me if [EYE] com[POUND] a small [MISS]tifi[KAY]tion [INN] your [BE][HALF]; and if, as [EYE] [EX][SPECK], your [FORTY-TWO]d should not prove equal [TWO] the task, [REST] assured [YOU] will not lose a [GRATE] deal of [VALUABLE IN FORMATION] by ma[KING] a present of it [TWO] the flames.

[EYE] re[MANE] with much re[SPECKS]

[EWERS] truly,

S. N., [BROOK]lyn.

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