Though the Juvenile Gazette was published by a fifteen-year-old, like other periodicals of its day, it printed marriage and death notices. Most of the events occurred in Providence, Rhode Island; because I own copies only of the first six months, the vital statistics cover only November 1827 through May 1828. Researchers should remember that spelling, especially of participants’ names, was more art than science.

Marriages & deaths from the Juvenile Gazette (Providence, RI), 1827-1828

[Note to researchers: The Gazette was published on Saturdays. Transcription is exact, with no attempt to edit spelling or punctuation.]

(December 8, 1827; p. 11)


On Saturday last Mr. Stephen Trask aged 49 year.

Tuesday Mrs. Nancy Magee, in the 16th year of her age.

(December 15, 1827; p. 15)


In this town on Monday last Col Robert Bowen in his 32 year

Mr Christopher Vaughan, jr. aged 21

Captain John Brown, aged 50.

Tuesday evening Capt. James Sweet, aged 68.

(December 22, 1827; p. 19)


In this town Mr John Smith, aged 62—a revolutionary war soldier.

On Wednesday, Roby Gerald, infant daughter of Joseph Burrows.

(December 29, 1827; p. 23)


In this town on Wendesday [sic] last, Mrs. Hannah Taylor, wife of Mr. G. A. Taylor, in the 22 year of her age.

Same day Mr. Peleg Eddy, aged 65 years.

(January 5, 1828; p. 17)


In this town on Thursday Capt. Smith Wilbour.—Charles Henry infant son of W. W. Pitman, aged 2 months—Jacob Rosario, a man of colour—aged 54.

(January 12, 1828; pp. 30-31)


In this town on Tuesday last, Miss Abby S. Holroyd, in the 18 year of her age

Mr. Nathaniel

p. 31

Stoddard, aged 24 years.

Wednesday Mrs Mary S Robinson in the 44th year of her age.

(January 19, 1828; p. 35)


In this town on Sunday last Mrs. Nancy Lippitt.

Mr. Thomas Hammond, a respectable man of colour, aged 42.

(January 26, 1828; p. 39)


On Monday last, John Q. chace, son of Wm. Chace, aged 4 years.

(February 2, 1828; p. 43)


In this town Jonathan C. Parmenter, to Sarah P. Mason.

(February 9, 1828; p. 46)


In this town Mr. Thomas Brown, to Hannah H. Bean.—John P. Hazard to Sarah A. S. Bowen—Mr. Duke Ransom to Lidia T. Arnold.

(February 23, 1828; pp. 54-55)


In this town Edwin Murphy to Mary Ann Town.—James Campbell to Hannah Smith

p. 55


On Tuesday last, John S. Wilmarth, aged 14—David, infant son of Mr. David Jackens, aged 11 months.

(March 1, 1828; p. 58)


In this town Roswell C. Smith, to Lois C. Cady,


On Wednesday, John R. infant son of Amos M. Vinton, aged 11 months.

(March 18, 1828; p. 63)


In this town Arnold Pettis, to Miss Demarius Fowler.


In this town on Wednesday, last Wm Henry, infant son of John H. Cady, aged 7 months.

(March 15, 1828; pp. 66)


In this town on Monday last Alfred Rickard, to Rebecca T. Carpenter.


In this town on Friday last, Almira, only child of Thomas Sekell aged 8 years—Monday, James M. Blinn, son of the late Capt. James M. Blinn aged 12 years.

(March 22, 1828; pp. 70-71)


In this town Lloyd S. Sutton, to Lucy W. Cozzens.—Dr. Joseph W. Fearing, to Rebecca B. Ames.

p. 71


In this town, on Friday last, Samuel James, infant son of Col. Joshua B. Wood.

(March 29, 1828; p. 74)


In this town on Thursday last William Allen, to Mary Thompson.


On Wednesday last Mary, only child of Mr. Samuel Hall, aged 2 years.

(April 19, 1828; p. 37)


In this town on Tuesday Mr. Theodore P. Bogart, of N. Y. to Miss Frances N. Jones, of this town.—Mr. Jefferson Bordon, to Miss Susan E. Easton.


In this town on Monday evening, Mary A. infant daughter of Mr. Arba B. Dike.—Tuesday last William H., son of Cyrus H. Smith, aged 4 months,—Wednesday, Polly, daughter of Mr. Charles Shelton, aged 13 months.

(April 26, 1828; p. 90)


In this town on Monday Mr. Harley Luther, to Miss Abby Bowen.—Mr. Jeremiah Boss, to Miss Olive Wilder.—Mr. Thomas D. Prentiss, to Miss Eunice L. Congdon.


In this town, o[n] Sunday, Mrs. Mary T. Martin, aged 30 years.—Mr. James Ingalls, aged 19.

(May 3, 1828; p. 94)


In this town on Monday last Mr. John B. Taylor, to Miss Margaret Johnson.

(May 10, 1828; p. 98)


In this town on Tuesday last Dr. Joseph Greene, of Barnstable, to Miss Susan Adams, of this town.

(May 17, 1828; p. 103)


In this town on Wednesday evening, Mr. Daniel E. Carpenter, to Miss Ann R. Greene.—Mr. Stephen Carr, to Miss Eliza Langley.—In Attleborough Mr. Uriel Bowen, to Miss Fanny Wetherington.

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