Ralph Wilson, a subscriber to Robert Merry’s Museum, crunches some numbers regarding the signers of the Declaration of Independence.

“Signers of the Declaration of Independence,” by Ralph Wilson (from Robert Merry’s Museum, March 1859; p. 69)

Of the fifty-six signers of the immortal “Declaration,” nine were born in Massachusetts; nine, in Virginia; five, in Maryland; four, in Connecticut; four, in Pennsylvania; four, in New Jersey; four, in South Carolina; three, in New York; three, in Delaware; two, in Rhode Island; and one, in Maine.

Eight were foreign born, and of these, three were natives of Ireland; two, of England; two, of Scotland; and one, of Wales.

Two were elected to the Presidency of the “United States;” two, to the Vice-Presidency; fifteen were chosen Governors of their respective States; and the remainder all occupied responsible stations of trust.

Twenty-four were prominent lawyers; fourteen, practical farmers; nine, merchants; four, physicians; four, educated for the ministry; one had been a shoemaker in early life; one a printer, and one a mechanic.

Four lived over ninety years; then, over eighty; ten, over seventy; thirteen, over sixty; eleven, over fifty; and seven, over forty.

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