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Children’s magazine founded:
Children’s Magazine
1789 Huzzah for the new republic! George Washington becomes the new president of the new United States, & the new American Congress meets in New York City. And, more important, a new magazine is published for (newly) American children.
1809 Thomas Campbell gets epic & romantic about the American Revolution.
Children’s magazines founded: The Guardian, or Youth’s Religious InstructorJuvenile Gazette
1819 America learns to velocipede & Samuel Goodrich learns to write for children.
Children’s magazines founded: Children’s MagazineThe Infants’ MagazineYouth’s Herald and Sabbath School MagazineThe Sabbath School Messenger, and Children’s Friend
1829 Reviewers argue about what’s appropriate for children, & two years after his creation, “Peter Parley” parlers & parlers & parlers.
Children’s magazines founded: The AcornThe MissionaryFamily and School VisitorSabbath School Contributor ; Light of Zion, and Sabbath School ContributorYouth’s Temperance Advocate ; Youth’s Temperance Advocate and Band of Hope Recorder
1839 The delightful Catherine Elizabeth Havens is born into a world where Lettice Bryan feeds the body a little alcohol, children’s periodicals feed the intellect a little science, Mrs. Larned force-feeds the spirit a little curdled gruel, & “A.” feeds adults a little paranoia.
Children’s magazines founded: Friend of YouthThe BubbleThe Scholars’ Leaf of the Tree of KnowledgeThe SchoolfellowSunday School Gazette ; The Dayspring
1849 Children’s periodicals bounce between science & morality, while New Yorkers riot and Catherine Havens’s diary delights & informs.
Children’s magazines founded: The Maine Spectator ; The SpectatorThe Pastor’s Helper ; The Child’s TreasuryBand of Hope VisitorChildren’s FriendDie TaubeWhat NotBoys and Girls Own MagazineSunday-School BannerYoung America and ExcelsiorKinderzeitungThe Weekly MagpieI Will TryThe Little-Pig MonthlyThe Child at HomeYouth’s GazetteYouth’s Evangelist ; The Youth’s Evangelist
1859 Subscribers to Robert Merry’s Museum flex their literary muscles, & Jacob Abbott introduces the first African-American series-book hero.
Children’s magazines founded: Golden HoursThe Little FolksScattered SeedsOnward ; Mayne Reid’s Magazine OnwardThe Bright Side ; Bright Side and Family CircleSunday School CompanionThe Young CrusaderThe Young MinnesotianThe Youth’s CabinetThe Young American
1869 Children’s periodicals explore all the world has to offer, & Stephen Crane’s father gets grumpy over just about every form of human endeavor.
1999 merrycoz.org makes its first appearance on the Internet, with a very different look
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