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Children’s periodical founded: The Youth’s News Paper
1797 John Adams takes the oath as U. S. president number two; a newspaper becomes American children’s periodical number two; and two become one as lovers triumph.
1807 Robert Fulton’s paddle steamer navigates the Hudson River and a meteor turns night to day as it breaks up over Connecticut.
1817 James Monroe is inaugurated as president (number 5); Mississippi becomes a state (number 20); and the Erie Canal is begun, so we’ll always know our neighbor, we’ll always know our pal.
Children’s magazines founded: The Baptist Tract and Youth’s Magazine; The Baptist Tract MagazineYouth’s GazetteThe Juvenile MagazineYouth’s Companion; Youth’s Companion and Sabbath School Recorder; The Youth’s CompanionThe Child’s MagazineJuvenile Gazette
1827 Samuel Griswold Goodrich creates the first brand name in American history and changes the course of American children’s books; and Nathaniel Willis founds a children’s paper that lasts over 100 years.
Children’s magazines founded: The Missionary NewsThe Juvenile LyceumKe Kumu KamaliiYouth’s LyceumYouth’s Cabinet; The Youth’s Cabinet; New-York Teacher’s Lyceum; Woodworth’s Youth’s Cabinet; Woodworth’s Youth’s Cabinet and Uncle Frank’s Dollar MagazineYouth’s Literary MessengerSabbath School Messenger
1837 Martin Van Buren takes the oath as president number eight; the nation’s second financial panic strikes; the U. S. and Canada start arguing about the border; and Nathaniel Southard founds an anti-slavery paper.
Children’s magazines founded: The Child’s Gospel Guide; The Child’s Gospel PrizeThe Mt. Vernon EnterpriseThe Young American’s Magazine of Self-ImprovementDer Jugend-Freund aller Christlichen Benennungen; Christen-Bote und Jugend-Freund; Jugend-Freund und Christen-Bote; Der Jugend-Freund; Der Jugend-Freund und Illustrierte JugendBlätterThe PlaymateThe Sunday-Scholar’s Mirror
1847 Salt Lake City is founded (eventually becoming what one researcher called “Disneyland for genealogists”); the Youth’s Companion works hard to shape the upcoming generation; and six children’s periodicals are founded (only one will last beyond four years).
Children’s magazines founded: Der Lämmer-Hirte; Der Lämmerhirt; Der Lämmer Hirte; Der LammerhirteRepublication of Parley’s MagazinePioneerYoung AmericaThe Young ReaperYouth’s Cabinet and Little JokerClark’s School Visitor; Our Schoolday Visitor; Schoolday Visitor; Schoolday Magazine for all Homes and SchoolsThe Child’s MagazineBoys’ Monthly GazetteYoung AmericaThe Catholic Youth’s MagazineThe Young American
1857 In a busy year, Cyrus W. Field’s company begins to connect the world by starting to lay the first telegraph cable across the Atlantic Ocean; James Edward Allen Gibbs releases women from never-ending toil by perfecting the first practial sewing machine; financial panic brings the world together in the cozy glow of economic failure; and one of the ugliest aspects of American culture threatens progress, as the Dred Scott decision seeks to expand slavery and James Buchanan is inaugurated as president number 15 and launches his successful bid to become the worst president in U. S. history (so far!) by failing to unite a disintegrating nation.
Children’s magazines founded: Die Christliche KinderzeitungGuardian AngelYoung AmericansThe Children’s HourLittle ChiefThe NurseryRiverside Magazine for Young PeopleSouthern Boys’ and Girls’ MonthlySunday School GemOliver Optic’s Magazine: Our Boys and Girls; Oliver Optic’s MagazineThe School and FiresideThe Sparkling GemThe Young Catholic’s GuideThe Burke’s Weekly for Boys and Girls; Burke’s Magazine for Boys and Girls
1867 The U. S. purchases some land from Russia; Nebraska is admitted as state number 37; Charles Dickens makes tour number two of the U. S.; and Gail Hamilton celebrates a reunited nation.
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