Nineteenth-Century Photos of Children

I don’t have dates for any of these pictures, so I’ve grouped them by medium.

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daguerreotype of a boy
Probably a boy. (The hair is parted on the side, which was more common on boys.) Mat is stamped “Holmes
89 Broadway”
daguerreotype of two girls
daguerreotype of a pensive teenaged girl/

tintype of a baby
You can barely see a woman holding the baby still on her lap. The original has touches of metallic gold at the child’s shoulders & on the little finger of its right hand.
tintype of a child
tintype of two girls in a hammock
tintype of boy wearing a bow
Labelled “J. Jeanes” on paper inside the case

Cartes de visite
photo of little girl sucking her thumb
(Yes, she’s sucking her thumb.) Photographed by Wenderoth, Taylor & Brown, 912-914 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
photo of little girl with bonnet
Photographed by M.B. Yarnall, Phoenixville, Pennsylvania
photo of baby on a shawl
Note what appears to be a fancy paisley shawl draped over the chair & embroidery on the child’s jacket.
photo of two boys
These boys may be wearing a national costume; the pants are unusual.
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