“Mattie Bell” was a subscriber to Robert Merry’s Museum; she published 20 poems in the magazine between 1858 and 1863.

“Of What Is the Alphabet Composed?,” by Mattie Bell (from Robert Merry’s Museum, July 1858; p. 15)

Of busy Bees,

And sparkling Eyes,

Of billowy Seas

Ruled by the Wise.

Of shady El-ms,

And mourning Yews,

And noisy Ohs,

Which you must Ex-cuse.

Of blooming Peas,

A measuring Ell,

And some so smart

They the rest Ex-cel.

Of singing Jays,

And vexing Tease,

Questioning “Why”

And languid Ease

Of fragrant Tea,

And hairy Cue,

With debtors who drawl out


And En-vy, who makes

You grumble and fret,

Together compose

The Alphabet.

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