Blue-Eyed Lora” was a subscriber to Robert Merry’s Museum. She published two poems in its pages.
“The Veteran’s Farewell,” by “Blue-Eyed Lora” (from Robert Merry’s Museum, February 1865; p. 53)

I have seen the dark clouds of destruction

Hover low o’er the burnished steel;

I have heard the iron hailstones patter,

And the steady ranks downward reel.

I have fought for our glorious Union,

With a zeal ever fresh and new;

I have been in Potomac’s army,

And I’m going once more for you.

Since you can not go in the army,

I’ll go in your stead, like a man;

To help conquer those rebel traitors,

I will do all the good I can.

If I’m laid to rest in Virginia,

By the side of brave hearts and true,

Remember, when thinking of lost ones,

I died [f]or my country and you.

If I lie in the Southern sunset,

Among the red heaps of slain,

Remember, when thinking of lost ones,

That bullet struck never again!

If at close of some crimson battle,

They lay me to rest ’neath the sod,

Remember, my life was an offering

For you, and my country, and God.

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