Names of Different Kinds of Type” shows readers of Robert Merry’s Museum the technical aspects of producing their magazine, as 30 fonts show the variety of styles available for printing (and advertise a couple of printers!)
“Names of Different Kinds of Type” (from Robert Merry’s Museum, March 1842; p. 91)
page of type

[Great Primer] I will now tell you something

[English] about printing. It may be useful to

[Pica] spend a few lines in giving you an idea of

[Small Pica] the names which are applied to the different sorts

[Long Primer] of type employed in the printing of books. This I shall

[Bourgeois] do by putting against each line of the present paragraph the

[Brevier] name of the type in which it is printed. I shall not attempt to

[Minion] explain the origin of these odd terms, but content myself with giving

[Nonpareil] you a notion of the proportion which one type bears to another; so as to enable

[Pearl] you, when you become author, to give instructions to your printer as to the type you wish him to use.

[Condensed] And by the way of enlarging your vocabulary of types, I will

[Full-face] add a few examples of fancy letters, adapted to the title-

[Antique] pages of books, show bills of various

[Gothic Condensed] kinds, business cards, visiting cards, and many other

[Black] purposes. If you will go to Mr. Dickinson’s printing-office,

[Script] No. 52 Washington Street, Boston, you will see a

[Extended] great variety

[Gothic] of fancy type; and you will

[Gothic Outline] also see how they are set

[Tuscan Shade] up, and how they are

[Full-face (Capitals)] printed, with what he calls a

[Phantom] rotary press.

[Condensed (Capitals)] You will also see presses worked by steam, and en-

[Full-face Italic] gaged in printing books, newspapers,

[Extra Condensed] pamphlets, magazines, and many

[Shaded] other things. If you will

[Shaded] go to No. 66 Congress Street,

[Ornamented] you will find where

[Title Letter] Merry’s Museum

[French Shade] is stereotyped.

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