At, a hurrah for years ending in 1
Children’s magazine founded: The Juvenile Magazine
1811 Earth & sky take attention, as the New Madrid earthquake shifts the course of a river & a Great Comet (aren’t they all?) is visible into 1812.

Children’s magazine founded: The Sunday Scholars’ Magazine; or, Monthly Reward Book
1821 A hurricane hits Philadelphia & New York City; & Samuel Griswold Goodrich looks to nature for chapbook stories.

Children’s magazines founded: The Scholar’s Gazette ; Scholar’s Weekly GazetteJuvenile GazetteThe Sabbath School Messenger, and Children’s FriendYouth’s Repertory and Child’s Magazine
1831 Francis Wayland shows some unnatural parental tendencies; the Youth’s Companion tries to change the natural tendencies of its readers; Nathaniel Hawthorne debuts some stories; the printer of a collection of anecdotes shows an unnaturally poor grasp of proofreading; & Samuel Griswold Goodrich publishes a charming illustration of the mastodon skeleton displayed in Charles Willson Peale’s natural history museum.

Children’s magazines founded: Cold Water Army and Youth’s Picnic ; Cold Water ArmyJuvenile Mirror and Youth’s Literary CompanionThe Tutor, and Boys’ and Girls’ Weekly AlbumThe Young Ladies’ CasketYouth’s Magazine and Juvenile HarpYouth’s Family Instructor and Sunday School VisitorRobert Merry’s MuseumThe Eastern Rose-Bud ; Eastern Rose-Bud and Sabbath School CompanionYouth’s MedallionYoung Catholic’s MagazineThe Young People’s BookSunday School Advocate ; Sabbath School AdvocateThe Sabbath School RepositoryThe Bouquet
1841 Robert Merry’s Museum gives readers a look at natural history & human frailties; Youth’s Cabinet joins the Museum in explaining prehistoric creatures; a lady from Boston show us the life of an unnaturally well-bred girl; & Samuel Griswold Goodrich proves that you can never have too much of a really good picture of a mastodon skeleton.

Children’s magazines founded: Christian Sunday School Journal ; The Christian Sunday-School JournalThe Standard-BearerYouth’s MonitorThe Young ChristianThe MyrtleSabbath School Visitor ; Presbyterian Sabbath School VisitorYouth’s Gem and Southern CadetChildren’s Friend ; The Child’s FriendThe Cadet’s CompanionThe Youth’s Temperance Monitor
1851 Gilbert begins his headlong travels through Asia; & Woodworth’s Youth’s Cabinet makes the case for central heating.

Children’s magazines founded: Young Folks’ Monitor, and The World We Live InThe Sunday School Paper for the SouthThe PortfolioOur Paper
1861 As the U. S. falls headlong into civil war, American periodicals for & by children sharpen their readers’ sense of patriotism.

Children’s magazines founded: Apples of GoldEvery Boy’s MagazineDer Kinder-BoteLittle ChristianLutherisches Kinder- und JugendblattThe Sunday-School Magazine ; Church School MagazineYoung Israel ; LibanonMorning LightYoung Folks Journal ; Little ThingsOur Young Folks’ Illustrated PaperOur Little People ; Our Little People QuarterlyHappy HoursLoving Words for ChildrenThe Children’s PaperYouth’s Gazette
1871 A new American writer begins her career as the planets align, Chicago burns, former slaves create new lives, & New York City begins to shape a new environment underground; and—yay!—more about mammoths!

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