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Table of contents for The Token (1828-1842)

This mega-table-of-contents for The Token includes first and last lines of poems, first phrase or sentence of prose, and quick snapshots of engravings.

Identification of authors is being worked on very slowly. A number of identifications come from American Literary Annuals and Gift Books, by Ralph Thompson (1936; repr. N.p.: Archon Books, 1967).

Engraved plates tended to be made from well-known paintings, which I’m also in the process of identifying. Toward that end, and because finding the written texts from these annuals is a bit easier than finding the engravings, I’ve added images. The link (“smpl”) is at the end of the line describing the plate; the image will appear in a separate window. The images are quick digital snapshots intended to give information and are not reproduction quality. They are, however, alarmingly large.

My collection contains all 14 volumes. The copies for 1829 and 1834 are missing a leaf or two; and several plates scattered through the 14 volumes are also missing. As I find missing plates and/or pages, I’ll include them in the index.

Several works were reprinted by other publishers in later annuals. As I find these, the information is added to this file. The Garland, for 1831 sometimes included the names of authors not included when the piece appeared in The Token. (It also reprinted some works from The Legendary, edited by N. P. Willis, which Samuel Goodrich published in two volumes in 1828.)

The engravings—expensive to produce—were used in other publications. As I find these, the information is listed here and at the appropriate engraving.

publication information for the copy used to compile the list [for written text:] title [/p = poem] (author; “author of” or pen name [unsigned but identified]), page number [poem: first/ and last lines; prose: beginning of first sentence] [for embellishments:] title in contents/ title on plate, if different (painter or designer/ on plate, if different; engraver/ on plate, if different), page, or facing page number [pertinent information]


The Token, for 1828. Boston: S. G. Goodrich, 1827.

[Several plates and pieces were reprinted in The Garland, for 1831. (New York: C. H. Peabody, 1830.]

The Token, for 1829, ed. N. P. Willis. Boston: S. G. Goodrich, 1828. [copy missing pp. 285&286]

[Several plates and pieces were reprinted in The Garland, for 1831. (New York: C. H. Peabody, 1830.]

The Token, for 1830. Boston: Carter & Hendee, 1829. online

The Token, for 1831. Boston: Gray & Bowen, 1830. online

The Token, for 1832. Boston: Gray & Bowen, 1831. online

The Token, for 1833. Boston: Gray & Bowen, 1832. online

The Token, for 1834. Boston: Charles Bowen, 1833. [copy missing pp. 207-210 and several plates]

The Token and Atlantic Souvenir, for 1835. Boston: Charles Bowen, 1834. online

[Two plates had appeared already in The Lily: A Holiday Present (New York: E. Sands, 1830)

The Token, for 1836. Boston: Charles Bowen, 1835. online

The Token, for 1837. Boston: Charles Bowen, 1836.

The Token, and Atlantic Souvenir, for 1838. Boston: American Stationers’ Co., 1837.

[Reprinted, with different engravings, as The Token; or, Affection’s Gift. (Hartford, CT: S. Andrus & Co., nd)]

The Token, and Atlantic Souvenir, for 1839 Boston: Otis, Broaders, & Co., 1838.

The Token, and Atlantic Souvenir, for 1840. Boston: Otis, Broaders, & Co., 1839.

[Reprinted with different engravings, as The Moss Rose. (New York: Nafis & Cornish, nd)]

The Token, and Atlantic Souvenir, for 1841. Boston: W. D. Ticknor, 1840.

[Reprinted with different engravings, as The Moss Rose, for 1847. (New York: Nafis & Cornish, 1847) One of the plates used is the title page for the 1835 Token.]

The Token, and Atlantic Souvenir. Boston: David H. Williams, 1842.

[While The Token ceased publication with the volume for 1842, the title was sold and appears on at least one book published by Leavitt & Allen, who published, republished, and cobbled together works for children and adults. The book’s information is included here to make the identification of this volume easier & because—frankly—it’s bizarre and interesting.]

The book seems to be reprint of a work published in the U. S. in 1838: Woman as She Should Be, by Hubbard Winslow, and Woman, in Her Social and Domestic Character, by Elizabeth Sandford [Mrs. John Sandford]. Sandford’s work was originally published in England in 1831 and was reprinted alone in the U. S. in 1833 (Boston: Leonard C. Bowles). Leavitt & Allen “prettified” the text with engravings and a surpassingly tawdry cover.

The Token and Atlantic Souvenir. New York: Leavitt & Allen, n. d.

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